I have a government student loan and I did a rehabilitation program last year and this year my finances changed so I needed to pay less and they did not want to comply. They went behind my back and started garnishing my wages without even telling me!

I have contacted this number (877-557-2575)and was very helpful only I have to wait 10 days to find out if I can even be helped and my bills are suffering. They took 200 out of my paycheck this week and I ama single mother and now I can't pay my bills or buy groceries. I am frustrated and I feel as though I was treated very un profesionally by this establishment.

They will not answer any of my emails or phone calls concerning this and I do have rights and there are laws that are supposed to protect me from this!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Hem, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France #12225

They have to leave you enough money to pay for food - look up the rules. Threaten to file bankruptcy if they don't come to an agreement with you. It won't relieve you of the debt, but it will by you some time.

Mcalester, Oklahoma, United States #7630

You have to be notified if your wages are to be garnished, if not by the garnisher, at least by your employer. You should also have time to pay the debt in full before the garnishment proceedings begin.....as quoted to me by an attorney. Federal debt, or not.

Elbow Lake, Minnesota, United States #6702

They can do that. Nothing illegal about it.

You have a federal debt, and if they feel you have the availablity to start paying on it, YOU WILL. End of story.

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