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DON'T CALL....1-800-833-5313 ext 7719. That's just one collector. Call them at 1-866-429-7605..give them your phone number and request no further calls.

Pretty simplistic process being they have to follow federal laws in regards to removing wrong phone numbers. I'm pretty sure they want to remove the wrong phone number because it wastes their time to be talking to someone they can't collect their money from!!

If they don't take out the phone # on request, they can recieve BBB complaints. If it doesn't stop callback and talk to a manager, then it will stop FOR SURE!!

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Allied is a joke. I've been getting on average about four phone calls a day for the past month or so.

They keep asking for someone other than myself. I called Allied to get them to stop calling me, and according to them, my phone number isn't even on their records.

According to the woman at Allied, they've never contacted me before. What a bunch of @$$h0!3$!


Federal Law now allows you to mail a letter to any collection agency in the USA demanding no further action. Simply state that You are aware of the Federal Trade Comissions law and that you know your rights.

That you are more then happy to file a complaint with them and possible collect Damages. In the letter express that you no longer want any form of contact from them, and then be specific, i.e. "Do not contact me by telephone, regular mail, certified mail or any electronic form of contact". then you threaten them with a time limit.

i.e. " If I recieve any form of communication from your company after 10 days of the mailing of this letter, a formal compliant will then be filed with the FTC". It is wise , however, to explain why you do not wish to be contacted also, i.e.

" I do not feel I owe this debt because....." or "My ex-wife owes this debt, not me....." or whatever pertanis to your case.

Good Luck


I have asked many times for these people to stop calling me. They are looking for my dead beat exwife.

We have been divorced 8 years and she NEVER had this number. The supervisors always tell me they will take my number off but they dont, even when I give them her home and cell phone number.

I am so tired of being woken up on the weekends by these people.


Allied Interstate, Inc.

3111 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 101

West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Phone: (561) 671-2121

Fax: (561) 671-6040

Contact: Larry Perillo - Compliance Dept Administrator

Business Start Date: 1/1/1976

Company ID: 9638

Nature of Business:

This company's nature of business is Collection Agencies


here is their customer advocacy department #. You can log a cease and desist notification here also.



My husband and I also received a totally different number to call. 18773756988. It says to call them to set up a payment.


When you do call back it says that you have called after business hours. No matter what time you call.

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