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Please remember that the job you are doing can be done by a monkey. Someone tells you to call someone else and accuse them of something.

You do it. No brain required. No thinking involved. You beleive everything you are told.

All consumers are deadbeats, all of Allied's cstomers are truthful, God fearing and have 100% integrity. You and they are judge and jury. You can and will be replaced by machines soon. Then Allied can save the minimum wage they pay you.

When debts are being dispute, it doesn't mean someone is a deadbeat.

I will never pay for something I don't feel I owe and especialy to such a weak person who hides behind the phone.

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First, I never got the notification of these reponses. Let me say this allied worker.

I worked for thirty eight years and not one of them was sitting on my a$$ harrassing people. I built a AAA credit rating and for your information, I got my money back from my bank and then buried everyone ogf the collection agencies this crooked company sent. I won. No more letters.

Credit rating still AAA and you and direct tv do not show up on it at all. Now you go out and get a real job loser.


As an educated person you should know per fdcpa you have 30 days to dispute a debt with a writted statement and any proof you have showing you don't owe it.. If you don't feel you should pay it at least get off your *** and do the footwork to prove you don't owe

Immaculata, Pennsylvania, United States #18063

Hey Improve, obviously you are under educated, ignorant and the only job you could obtain and hold is a job in this reprobate organization Allied Interstate! No you are not a monkey you are a baboon who tries to throw his pseudo intellect and beastly weight and control around...get a life, get a real job !!!!Quit harrassing people!!!!!

Balchik, Dobrich, Bulgaria #12307

You should have gotten a Monkey to write that. It would have come across better.

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