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I begged this firm to send me something in the mail so that I can see what I owed, whom the debt was owed, and an invoice, proof of sale, or receipt of transaction for my records and that I would pay in full immediately. I explained I cannot give financial information over the phone to someone I do not know who claims I owe money from several years ago.

I was told, very angrily, that it is very difficult "to not pay over the phone" and that "the person who faxes docs won't be in till Monday". I find it:

A) hard to believe there is one single individual within this organization who has the aptitude to send a fascimile.

B) That this debt has allegedly existed since 2006, although this is the first I've heard of it, and yet they are furious if a fax can't be sent from them till Monday (4 days) to ensure 100% immediate payment from the debtor.

C) The employee called and did not respond when I answered. I called back whereas she did not even tell me her name and why she had called until I dragged it out of her.

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HAHAHA is a legend in their own small mind obviously. Notice the coarse rude behavior the lack of inspiration and how this person adores their pond *** bottom feeding job and goes to great lengths to validate it.

Wow so proud, sounds like a problem to me. MUST BE THE JOB OF THE YEAR, MAYBE CENTURY YOU'RE WORKING AT.... no wonder your a legend in your own mind.

By the way HAHA LEGEND, yes you must validate the debt by law and the person has the right to notified via mail, so legend take that! :grin :grin :grin



Madison, Virginia, United States #10588

"hahahahhaha" has to be one of the dumbest wastes of human life that has ever existed! Do you realize, "duhduhduhdduhduh" that this person is trying to veirfy the validity (words too big for you?) of this debt?

He has every legal right to do this, and to settle the debt with the debtor, not the collection agency, if he chooses to do so.

This type of stuff kind of reminds me of how the mafia collects (minus the broken bones). I say we all call them with our numbers blocked and tie up their phone lines for a day!

Frost, Texas, United States #9524

It doesn't matter if they're a billng company or not. If they're claiming to be a debt collector then they have documentation somewhere.

I too have no outstanding bills, I pay everything IN FULL every month BEFORE the due date.

Yet they call me 10 times a day. I've only answered twice and neither time would they give me any information.

Mountain City, Tennessee, United States #9113

Do not pay the bill unless you know what you are paying. Allied Interstate are the biggest bunch of losers.

You need to send your request in writing and make sure you sent it certified mail with return receipt. As for "hahahaha" - you need to get a life and stop giving such *** advice!

Brentwood, Tennessee, United States #8940

Sounds lika a BIG SCAM to me!

Baxter, Tennessee, United States #8933

stop your *** and pay your bill ,over the phone if that is wat you need to do to pay what you owe!!!! allied is not a billing co. so stop trying to get them to send you one

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