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I was sent to Allied Collection by a Radiology office that never attempted to call me. When I was contacted by Allied I went to pay the bill and signed a payment plan.

I mistakenly missed the second payment but when I realized my mistake I went to Allied Collections and paid the medical debt in cash before the agreed on time. Allied then informed me court papers were already filed to collect another 400+ dollars in legal fees. Later I found out court papers were filed same day last payment was made.

During all of this many attempts were made to connect with their legal office for resolution with no results. Please file complaints with your local agencies if you received the same sort of service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allied Interstate Debt Collection.

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Regrettably, these collection firms will eventually sell the debt to another collection firm and the harassing will begin anew. Only a carefully written letter, asserting your legal rights, sent certified mail, return receipt requested, has any possibility of stopping the phone calls.

I have a standard letter I send every time and it is the only solution.

In every case they ceased contacting me.

I am glad Allied was just find 1.75 million by the FTC.

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