I was pleasantly surprised to find that when I called this company back that they were searching for another man with my husband's name but different ss#. The collector was nice and courteous and told me that she would remove us from the call list.

I wasn't mad to start with, so I think that makes a difference in how you are treated.

We'll see if they continue to call us now, it could go the other way quickly. They only called us a few times and left messages, but I knew we didn't owe anyone.

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haha. allied interstate wont steal your identity, are you retarded?

they are a 3rd party collection agency for some very large companies. sears, direct tv, capitol 1, verizon... if they were a scam company, no way large companies would give them info like that if they were a scam. honestly, they best thing to do with collectors, is record your calls with them.

i have found most follow the federal laws they have to, but when they dont, simply report them to your state attorneys office, and they will contact the federal trade commision and take care of it. yelling at collectors will never accomplish anything.

they have the right to hang up on you and simply call you the next day. be polite, and you will get more done.


That was a bad idea if your telling the truth.

they WILL steal his Identity and you will end up on the street. You should watch your bank accounts and credit cards closely.

That is unless you plan on divorcing him and ruining him on the way out.

My experience with these people have been somewhat less than pleasant. They are not the kind of people you want to give your ss# to.(but who goes to "pissed consumers"

to give praise)


Exactly how long have you been employed by Allied Interstate?

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