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Hi, I have been harassed by this company for about a month. They have have been extremely rude to me when I tell them I don't have the Visa they are trying to collect for.

I talked to my credit union and they informed me that all is fine with my Visa but just in case I pulled a free credit report. All is well, I am in the 800's.

I phoned Allied interstate back and they again were extremely rude and would not help me find out why they were calling unless I gave them my social security......well I am not that ***. Please report this companies practices.......we need to shut them down!!!

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yes we should shut them down before

something bad happens


I work from home using a home land line which i connect to my work server. Well they call my work line which not one single person in my family knows, because there's no reason to give it out.

Well they call this number asking for my uncle. Of course I know its a collections call because they apparently have found out my number online by having the same last name and same state as their customer who is apparently my uncle. I asked for the woman's name and she said "Well if you were listening at the beginning of the call, you would know my name!" HOW RUDE??!?! Ahh im so mad!!

They keep calling and I refuse to reason with them because 1.its not my problem 2. they are very VERY RUDE. The woman who called yesterday was even ruder.

They keep hanging up on me because I DEMAND them to tell me where they got my number. They said it was used as a reference which I know there is absolutely no way my uncle knows my private 2nd line home number.


OH yeah.... these guys are totally rude!

I have been being stalked for months now by this company, and heres the kicker- they arent looking for me but for my ex. When i answer they hang up on me! So i called them back and the girl says to me, "why would we call if its not the right number?" WHAT? My ex used to abuse me but hasnt lived here for three years!

But yet I have this company prank calling me then being extremely rude! How do i officially report this harassment?

This girl was UNBELIEVEABLY RUDE and Ive been hung up on repeatedly. Seriously, I answer and they just hang up on me!


This company called my daughter, told him his name was Michael and that he had something of mine. My daughter did not know what he was talking about so did not give him my number.

This "Michael" did give her their number and company name, "Allied Interstate". A few days later, they called my elderly parents to try and get my phone number. I do not know who they are nor what they want. No one answered when I called during working hours.

I have an unpublished phone number and I am very unhappy about the fact they somehow found out my daughter's number (we don't even go by the same last name) but then called my parents who are 85 and 87 respectively!!!

Please close this place down to protect consumers. Thank you.

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