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I had a missed call today on my cell phone so when I got a minute I called back. A woman picked up asking what she had called me about.

I told her I have no clue that she was the one that had called me and that was what I was calling about. She asked me the number I was calling from so I told her and she then asked to speak to me (my name). I said this is her. She then asked me if I still live at this address and I said, "No, who is this?" Then she started asking me other questions which pissed me off cause who would just give out personal information to someone over the phone so I told her all that was irrelevant cause I needed to know who she was first.

She told me she was trying to collect a debt from the hospital. I told her that I was planning to go to the hospital and settle it on Wednesday. She then said that I could not do that and that the hospital sold it to them. Then she asked if I worked full time which I had told her no and then she asked where I was employed at.

I told her it shouldn't make a difference where I was employed at. She got pissed off then proceeded to tell me this will go on my credit report and she would note that I was refusing to pay my debt.

(Which I am not I just wanted to settle in cash with the hospital.) I went to the hospital a month ago and never received anything in the mail about a bill even though I had corrected my address with them before I even left. What do I do.

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chris, are you a lawyer? I've never heard of such a thing.

The collection company collects for a percentage. I have a lawyer and he told me I don't have to deal with anyone other than the original creditor. I suggest that you call the hospital and make arrangments to meet with them.

As far as your credit report is concerned, take a look at it and make sure there are not more than one report on the same debt. The credit agency has to remove it if there is more than one.


Unfortunately you will more than likely have to pay the collection agency. They sign contracts with whatever entities they are collecting for.

No matter what if you made a cash payment it would end up at the collection company, but by making the payment to the hospital it would actually take longer for it to show as paid. As far as her asking for employment information, sounds like she was looking for garnishment info.

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