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I was married to a deadbeat for less than 2 years, 20 years ago. He cleaned out my bank account and left. The last I knew of him, his own lawyers were suing him.

My life has continued beautifully with NO contact with him, whatsoever; I have moved/changing phone #'s 6 times since then (2 states, 4 cities). Suddenly, I'm getting calls asking if John "deadbeat" is here. I tell them I haven't had contact with him in 20 years, and how did they get my name (new last name BTW) and phone #? They won't say. I'm totally baffled.

Any ideas as to how they could have connected me with him after this long?

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Look at it this way, if someone owes you money, wouldn't you be doing the same thing? The difference with Allied is that they follow the FDCA Law.


Make sure you check your credit reports- from all 3 agencies!!! I can't stress that enough.

I was married to a deadbeat as well. The first credit report I looked at wasn't odd, but when I got the ones from the other 2 agencies, I found that there were charges I didn't make, and address and phone numbers that belonged to my ex and his relatives.

Unfortunately, I am still having a hard time proving that I didn't incur some of these charges. For example, $200 in library books checked out with my card and never returned.


Hmm, my husband & I wondered about that. "Skip Tracers" its the only logical explanation.

They have called mine & my husband's parent's homes, & now my dad's work, They called my parent's house & my dad's work today. 2 calls in one day. THANK GOD I had already told my family about them & their antics & they have "googled" them as well. so my family is VERY AWARE of this BS company.

What gets me is that my credit card co. has been getting money from me through my DMP. they claim I am not on the program & am in default. which I know I am in default from back this spring hence the DMP, however they are clearly accepting the money from my DMP & are applying it to my debt.

yet now I am in collections & I have been successfully in touch with Allied & my DMP but yet now they are calling family & claiming they cannot get a hold of me making me look like I am running from my debt, like a deadbeat when I am not! My husband & I just got the audio book on "Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey. & this collection Agency is NOT getting a cent from us! ESPECIALLY with the horrific stories I have been reading.

I don't get it. My credit card co. is getting & accepting money from my DMP & yet they put both my accounts in collection?! I have called my credit card co.

to discuss it furthure on getting me off that collections list. we will see though. I have read so much *** about this company I am not expecting this to "go away" so easily. it sucks!

! I have enough drama, we don't need anymore! I know they will be calling my ex husband too which is the LAST thing I need. from what I read it doesn't matter what you do, once any accnt you have goes to ALLIED thats it.

they don't go away not even after the debt is paid. this is all from what I have been reading online. as long as they are doing the skip tracer thing. .they will always find us and or family & friends.

no matter how we go about in changing phone numbers, names. . .moving. .

whatever. I guess I should call my ex & give him the advance notice. this really sux & is SO unecessary! What I am most worried about is.

. can they sue and or furthure damage my credit even though my creditors have been getting money faithfully for 90 days now.? & will continue to as well. it may not be the amount they want but it is definitley something as opposed to nothing.

according to my DMP they are still waiting to hear back from them on the final full acceptance of the program. in the mean time though they are getting money from me through my DMP. I just don't appreciate them calling our families when we DO & ARE getting a grip on this. we have not nor are we ignoring our debt!

! anyway.

.. we will see.

Sandviken, Gavleborgs Lan, Sweden #24842

well Allied has its own skip tracing department which works to get all the information about the debtor...and works on collecting all the phone numbers of relatives or friends from where they can have a possibilty of getting the debtor......And then they put those numbers on the account on which the agents call to trace the debtor

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