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Allied interstate is also going by 1-877-313-3730 and harassing children's cell phones. As a parent the refuse to give me any information.

And then tried to tell me they are recording conversation. I repeatedly told them they did not have any permission to record or use my voice or conversation at any time. They are breaking the law. When is the law going to stop them.

Is this a company prosituting to our children? What are they hiding? They refused to let me talk to a supervisor.

Where is our FBI to be checking them out? And why is the phone company giving them phone number after phone number letting this happen?

Product or Service Mentioned: Allied Interstate Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why does a child have a cell phone?


I guess YOU have forgotten that the phone number your child has is more then likely RECYCLED!!!! Meaning OTHER HUMAN BEINGS have had AND used that number for THEIR business.

Lets not also forget that ROBOCALLING is a thing to deal with. They are allowed to record the call as long as they are NOT attempting to use it in ANY court proceedings. As long as they inform YOU that they are recording the call there isnt much you can do about it except ASK them to NOT record you as YOU are uncomfortable with them doing so.

IF they tell you they cannot stop the recording then JUST WATCH WHAT YOU SAY!!!! Im betting YOU werent as KIND as YOU want us to believe and made a fool of yourself over the phone.


it is not illegal to record a conversation you are a party to. in other words, they don't need your permission or even tell you that they are recording. they are not law enforcement officers.

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