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I don't understand why these collection agencies aren't regulated by the do not call lists. I have had this phone number for 8 months now and I continually get phone calls for people who don't live here! I have always paid my bills on time and yet I have to put up with harassing phone calls about other people's debts? WHY?

Usually it is Capital Recovery Systems bothering me, but now Allied Interstate is calling. I have requested to be taken off their list, so if they call again, I will add their name to the complaint form I'm sending to the Office of Financial Regulation.


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They're Governed by the Fair Collection Rights Act and if they are continuously calling you after you advised them they have the wrong number and to stop calling, then they are in violation. You need to find out the name of the company who is calling you and send them a certified letter telling them they are calling the wrong number and they need to stop calling you and you need to send it with a return receipt to prove they recieved it. If they call you after that then they have a law suit on their hands.

Frost, Texas, United States #9533

It does NO GOOD to tell them you are on the DNC list. I was informed that this is a "colllections" call not a "Telemarketing" call and so the DNC list does not apply.

Fine. But you're also not listening to me when I tell you that I do not have any unowed bills. You also don't listen to me when I ask you not to call at night. I have TWO YOUNG CHILDREN who go to bed at 7:30...yet you're still calling me at 9 p.m.

Then try to tell me it's not 9 p.m. Um...I'm on my computer when you says 9 p.m. and some odd minutes. I have a clock radio on top of my t.v.

that says the SAME EXACT TIME...and I have a grandfather clock in the same room that also says the SAME EXACT TIME.

So I don't care what time it is where you're at but you need to not call after 9:00 p.m. where you are making the call to.

Ambler, Pennsylvania, United States #8023

Be polite.

When they call tell them you don't know the person and never heard of the person and would appreciate them to take you off their list.

the nicer you are, the better they are to help you...

however if your gonna be an *** to them they wont do anything for you. advice them it is a wrong number

Warroad, Minnesota, United States #6343

If you are on the no call list tell the caller that next time. Explain that you are not the person they want and don't know them or how to get in touch.

Ask them to stop calling your number. If they don't, contact the office where you signed up for the no call list, probably the office of the attorney general. It may be different state to state. I had the same problem and when the guy told me "well if you don't know a number where I can reach them I'll keep calling you,"I emailed the office of the attorney general.

That office contacted them and of course they claimed they were in the right but they stopped calling. Its worth a try.

Schenectady, New York, United States #5644

I have known people who use fake or out of date numbers in their credit applications too avoid collectors.

The collectors dont believe you when you tell them its the wrong number because they hear that 20 times a day.

Nothing you can do about it.


I've had my phone number for over 3.5 years, and I still get collection calls from time to time despite not owing anybody anything, having an unlisted number and being on the DNC list. It's not as bad as it once was. I used to get collectors looking for several different people. Do they all just leave a fake phone number (mine) with creditors or what?

Today 'allied interstate' left me a message. I've tried calling them back several times to let them know they've got the wrong number, but all I get is a message saying they're busy, and their mailbox is full. This is during normal afternoon business hours.

So I get online google the company. This site was the first result. Maybe I'll let them know how much people say they suck, if I ever get thru.

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