My husband came home tonight with a note in his hand. he said that his brother's wife gave his mother the phone number to Allied Interstate. Apparently they have been calling my sister in law, asking for me. I have never lived with them and have an unlisted number. I don't have Allied interstate on my recent credit report.

It's starting to sound very illegal. Doesn't it?

Luckily my sister in law has not given my information out to this company. At least now I am informed about the illegal practices of Allied Interstate. I am so glad to have found other complaints about this company on the internet!

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Dadeville, Alabama, United States #1583

How about you just pay your bill in the first place and you won't have to worry about going into collections....

Harrow, England, United Kingdom #1331

X-Z, These Allied guys are trying to rip people off. They contacted my brother even though I have lived at the same address for over 20 years.

Without a correct debt validation I would never send anyone money. These companies leave no written record so they can rip you off.

Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia #1197

Allied is a Debt Collection Company. Call them if you have any outstanding they are collecting on.

They're name may not be on your recent Credit. But Credit Reports are updated every now and then. Not all of these complaints are always accurate. A lot of these (i've read thru) is because of consumer unawareness.

There are laws that govern collection agencies. They would have called your sister in law cos they had no other number to reach you.

Maybe your number is not listed so they cant find you. If thats the case & u have a debt u should be ashamed & u really cant blame them for callin.

Eskilstuna, Sodermanlands Lan, Sweden #1120

they have been calling me for literally a year and i have no debt at all. i'm just out of high school and just got my own phone number and here are debt collectors calling me at midnight.

i had to google it just to find out what kind of company it was. i thought they might fix roads or somethin....

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